Beautiful Finish

I finished the grey baby today! Here are some shots outside (yes, which means no rain today)…



I think it will look very cute in the pram of a boy or a girl!

Here is a picture of that retro baby block quilt I talked about yesterday…

I’ve started with sewing the groups of 2 together. There is something oddly satisfying about seeing 2 pieces together with opposite seams they feel so cozy locked together like a puzzle…yikes sorry about the creepy close up of my fingers, time for a manicure I think lol!!!…



Dinner break…I made veggie sushi for the first time. I think it turned out very pretty…



After dinner I sewed some of the long rows together…

Simple and cute I think!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Finish

  1. Your finished quilt is lovely! Your Mom came to see me on Mother’s Day and gave me a gorgeous lap quilt in navy and white fabrics.You are both so generous and talented. It is very special and I will treasure it! She also provided lots of tasty dishes so Uncle Steven does not have to make meals for the patient.

  2. I really like the quilt for Liz’s sister. You can make that one again with different fabric. Lots of possibilities, eh?

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