Sew Sew Little Red

Not sure why but I got extra inspired to sew today. I wanted to do the binding on the grey baby quilt. I cut it in 2 1/2 inch strips, sewed them together and ironed them in half. I think once you understand the stages in making a quilt it really is quite a simple project but like with knitting there are probably always going to be parts that are more enjoyable than others! I do enjoy doing the hand sewing for the binding but by that point I just want the quilt done already.

First I sewed the binding strip down the front side…

At the corners I simply fold up…

Then down and keep sewing…

Then I wrap the Binding to the wrong side, pin in place and hand sew down…

Easy peasy lemon squeezey as John would say!!!

I also ironed some backing fabric for this totally retro pre-cut pack of strips I got at a local quilt store. I just love these retro reprints…


Not sure what I’ll do with them yet?

I also started on another retro print fabric for a baby blocks quilt…

This is a dead easy quilt. You just sew the white strips with a patterned one and then cut into 2 1/2 inch strips. I finished that tonight and laid them out for sewing…but that will be for another day!

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