Happy Mother’s Day

My mom is the best!…


Today was a bit random. Last week I heard about a cycle race called Cycletta. Cycling is very popular in the UK and Cycletta are cycling events to get women more into the sport. I decided to enter and am glad I did. It turned out to be the 2nd sunny day in almost 2 months and the course was breathtaking. There were all ability levels present so all felt comfortable. It was also very well organised and marshalled. It started at the Woburn abbey about 40min away. It was a 40km ride and I was surprised that I rode so hard for not having cycled in about 2 mths. I had a slow start talking to some people I met along the way at the beginning but managed 1hr and 40 min and actually came in 45th out of 500. I think I should probably train for the next Olympics now lol!!!

The start was at 9:00 and looked a bit chaotic!…


John got a pic of me off to a good start…


We got to ride around the deer park on a road that is normally closed to public access. It was fantastically gorgeous! John said at one point after I’d already started that bikers had to stop to let deer cross the road, really! John got some good pics of the initial part of the route…



At the finish, yeah!…(They had free massages and hairdressers to fix our helmet head at the end, cool eh!)


Oooooo participation medal…


Luckily, I used my cycling app to track the route so that John and I can come back and do it together. He was wonderful to come and cheer me on!

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