Mitts and Salad

I thought I better finish the thank you mitts that I started last week. They really went quickly and it was fun to see the colours work up. I’m not sure I enjoyed how the pattern was written (I did have the updated version). There were parts that were not very clear but I just fudged it a bit as I went along. E.g. If you do the decreases for the top of the mitt when she says they came out way too short so I just knit longer before I did the decrease rows. Check em out…


You can check out the mitts on my ravelry page too.

Still brutal and rainy here!!! I’m back at hot yoga to combat the blues though and I’ve begun my salad dressing mission. Say what? Here’s the thing…I love salad and salad dressing but I think that store bought dressing has way too many preservatives. Like making your own pizza dough I have fully come to terms with the fact that it is very easy to make yourself and I should just get on and do it. It’s usually much more tasty than store bought too! Sooooo last night I used up the last of the Newman’s own and started my new salad dressing mission. For awhile now my fav dressing has been just walnut oil and lemon but I’m branching out. Tonight I made a French dressing from Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution cookbook. (John got this for his birthday awhile back and he’s been making some great food. It’s got step by step pics and is meant for beginner cooks. I love when he makes ME dinner, isn’t he dreamy.) It’s just olive oil, red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, garlic and salt and pepper, so easy and yummy. And look at the cute bottle I got for it! (I think I might get little cute jam jars instead though so that they are easier to clean.)…


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