Home UK Again!

Sorry, not much crafting to report! I did bring log cabin squares to knit. I have a big wait at the airport so I might get one done.

Yesterday we rented bikes and rode along the Rhine for about 5 hrs. I didn’t get too many pictures but it was basically what we saw from the boat. It was a glorious day. We even saw people at an outdoor pool!!!

We stopped for lunch and I cooled off…

20120502-122256 PM.jpg

Here’s a pic for mom…

20120502-122353 PM.jpg
My favourite flowers too! Lilacs are everywhere here. I was surprised. Actually, driving along the highways and north of where we stayed really reminded me of northern Ontario and Canada in general.

Now I’m at the airport again waiting for my flight. I got here way too early because John had to work, ha ha!…

20120502-122818 PM.jpg

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