Willkommen in Deutschland

No I didn’t learn German but we did go for a holiday to the Rhine! John has to work near Frankfurt tomorrow so we came on Sunday to Eltville on the Rhine. We didn’t really know what we would do but it was an opportunity to come and escape the horrible current UK weather. (OMG, just watching CNN and it is the wettest April in the UK on record!) It won’t stop raining but here in Germany it is 20+ and sunny!!! It is very touristy here but for a good reason. There are many cruise ships that do tours down the Rhine.

20120501-083244 PM.jpg

We were too late for a cruise on Sunday so we walked through Rudesheimer (the closest town to where we stayed where you can get a tour boat)…

20120501-083703 PM.jpg
We took a cable car up over one of MANY vineyards in the area to a national monument…

20120501-084010 PM.jpg
What a beauty of a view from the top…

20120501-084115 PM.jpg

20120501-084158 PM.jpg

We finished the day at a little Italian restaurant (sorry as veggies we didn’t have a nice schnitzel on the first night!)

20120501-084521 PM.jpg

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