Gas or no gas!

John and I drink mostly water, especially sparkling so we thought it was cute that when we asked for water they immediately asked “gas or no gas”!

Anyways…day 2, we decided on a 5 hr Rhine cruise. It was a chilly morning but it warmed up nicely by the afternoon…

20120501-085821 PM.jpg

I can’t comment too much on exactly what we saw so I’ll let the pics speak for themselves…it is the romantic castle area!…

20120501-090010 PM.jpg

20120501-090056 PM.jpg

20120501-090208 PM.jpg

20120501-090245 PM.jpg

20120501-090318 PM.jpg

20120501-090357 PM.jpg

20120501-090529 PM.jpg

20120501-090610 PM.jpg

It really was a beautiful day and to top it off we had dinner at a castle in Bingen on a recommendation from a colleague of John’s…

20120501-090915 PM.jpg
Where we ate from below…

20120501-091152 PM.jpg

2 thoughts on “Gas or no gas!

  1. This is beautiful! I’d love to see all those castles 🙂 they actually are real! Always seemed like fantasy to me…that would make them real alright 🙂

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