Look up!

When you are walking on the street do you ever find yourself looking mostly at the ground or eye level? John and I are always reminding each other to look up in a new place because this is often where some of the most beautiful sights in a city can be seen.

Case in point:
On Sunday we took John’s parents to a photo exhibit of the Queen at the Victoria and Albert Museum…



The outside of the building was beautiful too…



And oddly the titles in the bathroom too!!!…


The exhibit was neat. I like to think the Queen and I are close!…of course John thinks I’m crazy…

Cecil Beaton first starting taking pictures for the Queen in 1942. I particularly liked how they displayed some of his contact sheets from various photo shoots…


After the museum John took us to a restaurant in the Chelsea, Belgravia area of London. It was a beautiful sunny day and wow what an area to walk around. You wouldn’t even know you were in a city. If you had all the money in the world ONE of your homes would be in this area!…AGAIN LOOK UP!!!






Anyways, won’t be moving there anytime soon but it’s nice to visit and walk around!

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