Crochet Idea!

Check it…3 squares done…I fancy myself a crochet wiz now, ha…

20120415-120854 PM.jpg

This is my idea…remember the knit log cabin blanket…

20120415-121021 PM.jpg
Well each square takes a ball of Noro Kureyon but you end up with a bit left from each ball (enough for one Granny Square.) I of course threw all my bits out from the first blanket (I’m not really a scrap keeper because I feel they will just sit there forever not being used) but mom kept hers and I’ll keep the extra from my second blanket. I think I’ll put the squares together like the knit one with black in between. We’ll see.

Oh and take a look at gorgeous Lady Fia. She’s wearing her new cardi and guzzling hot chocolate from Starbucks! She won’t even take a breath for fear it will be taken away!

20120415-121637 PM.jpg

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