Crochet Take 2!

Wednesday is always knitting night at the Needle Emporium but tonight I forced Julie to teach me to make a Granny Square as my last attempt on my own was such a disaster. She really pulled a face but I think she thought it would be a good laugh and it was…

20120411-095634 PM.jpg
It did get easier and I actually smiled…

20120411-095828 PM.jpg
Then I messed up again and again…

20120411-095942 PM.jpg
Between Julie’s lightening speed crochet help and my snail paced efforts I/we produced a practice square…

20120411-100102 PM.jpg
Julie said these are her favourite hooks so I got these…

20120411-100153 PM.jpg
Here is Lynn in the store…lots of yarn eh!…

20120411-100330 PM.jpg
And this is only one room!

One thought on “Crochet Take 2!

  1. Good seeing you today, Sarah! It was a wonderful surprise. 🙂 Confession time … I paid my friend, Janet, to make my granny squares for Grade 8 home-ec class. So, I bow down to your fine Crochet efforts.

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