Home Treats!

I’ve been having fun visiting friends and family. It’s also been fun to pick up a few things to bring back to the UK with me. If you remember my rant about chocolate chips, check out this mega bag…


Yeah my books came from Amazon too…

I love Mo Willems books and these are his two newest!!! They had me in stitches, especially Gerald and Piggie, they are the best! Hopefully the kids in the UK like them as much as the wee ones here.

Finished another block for my new log cabin block…

This is the one from the plane over.

Before I came home mom had picked up this yarn for me from Julie…

Lord Edgar will get something made out of this but I don’t know what yet. I liked the colour scheme and I think it’s a discontinued colour, either that or Julie just didn’t have any more so I wanted to make sure I had it just in case, not sure.

When I knew Nicola was having a boy I decided I wanted to make this Debbie Bliss sweater…

This cute little pattern is from Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino 2. I got these gorgeous colours (I think!)…


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