Blanket Surgery A Success!

As I’m going home for Easter next week I wanted to doctor John’s sister’s log cabin blanket up so that he can deliver. I think it turned out a dream and it wasn’t until half way through that I thought “oh wait a sec if this doesn’t work out I may have ruined a lot of beautiful knitting”! Fortunately, it all worked out, at least I think so…


It even looks pretty folded up. I love the bit of polka dot border peeking out…


It was actually pretty quick to do once I got going. I sewed down each long black strip and made an “X” shape through each square. They look like pretty diamonds now…


Then I trimmed the edge of the backing material 2 inches…


Then pressed an inch up and again another inch to pin…


Then I sewed around the edges…


And done!
I hope they like it better now, I do.


3 thoughts on “Blanket Surgery A Success!

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