Do I Smell?

I had no idea until yesterday but John had to abandon me again to go to Germany for the night. I don’t think my parents will like him anymore for leaving me so often! I’ve been using the time to get out on my bike. I did 30 km today in the sunshine. It took about an 1 1/2 hr because the area is much more hilly than I originally appreciated!

I’ve also been working on a few projects…

Gnarled Oak…just going to cast off first button band and will do second side tonight while I watch reruns of season 1 of Doogie Howser M.D. on Hulu. (Oh yes Doogie, that’s dating yourself for ya!)


I’ve been working on a knit log cabin blanket for myself. It’s a fab project for the car. I have 2 blocks done so far…


I have already done one of these blankets for John’s sister’s family…

However with 6 people in her family it has taken a lot of abuse over the last couple of years. It shows they love it though. Yes, and so do their bunnies who have taken a few chunks out of the blanket…look close…

I’ve fixed the holes but decided to try and line the back to give it more stability, so young Joel doesn’t stretch his feet through the end when he’s wrapped up watching T.V. I got some English printed fabric at CallyCo in Stamford by Clarke & Clarke. His sister Mary loves purple so I hope they like the changes. I used 505 spray to try and tack down the material so that I can “quilt” it in place…

I got thread at the shops today and might start it tonight. I hope it works out I tried a little sample just to see if it would go through the machine ok…


Wish me luck!

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