One More Day-Monday

The weekend was extended to Monday as John owed me some time! We had a lovely morning walking around Stamford. It was another beautiful old town, apparently a stunning Georgian town. Of course I looked up some sewing stores and found a cute one called CallyCo. It was charming…

I wasn’t going to get anything really but did get some fabric to back a knitted blanket and some material to make a “Honey Bun Pouf” for myself. (I’ll show all at a later date.)

We also found what appeared to be a cute knitting store from the outside…

It was a bit Grannyish inside but I did get some cute Union Jack buttons for Lady Fia’s soon to be brother Lord Edgar. (Real name to be determined!) They seemed to only carry one brand of yarn, that I didn’t recognise at all, not really my luxury style it seemed though.

There is a bit of a glare on the picture I see, it’s King Cole yarn.

After looking around town John and I decided to buy a new summer home…

OMG, we totally stumbled on this place because it’s not a National Trust site. It is currently called Burghley House but I think John and I might rename it once credit checks go through and we own the place for real! Lots of room for visitors now!

We actually had lunch in the garden of the house and it was absolutely beautiful. We couldn’t get over our luck of finding this place. The sun was beating down as we drank my favourite sparkling elderflower drink.



We could have stayed here forever but had to go to see the Hunger Games, which was great by the way but the book was soooooo much better.

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