Go go perfect Sunday!

When we decided to move to the UK I dreamed that we would get a National Trust membership and tour around the great estates and historical buildings of the UK on a sunny Sunday with picnic basket in hand. (We didn’t do a picnic but I do have a great idea for making a National Trust picnic basket! Stay tuned…)
Bright and early we drove to Lyveden New Bield. At first we thought it was a ruins of an Elizabethan home/castle but it was actually a “summer” home that never got finished. I love the symmetry of the cross design. Basically the guy ran out of money and the workers just left. You could see where they had put hinges in the stone for doors but no doors were ever installed. Worked stopped in 1605! Like I said old, old, old!


Look my favourite room in the house…the kitchen!

Behind the kitchen was a multi oven room of sorts for a large sauce pot and what John thought was a pizza oven!

Modern kitchen plumbing! This stone cut out went from the roof to the basement kitchen and would be enclosed for running water.

The gardens were particularly important to this estate and they were planned to perfection. The apple orchard had ancient apple varieties and a mote surrounding the garden.

The best bit was this snail mound that would have flowers planted all the way up the path to the top, set so that as the women walked up their skirts would move the flowers and release their scent to best effect. How lovely!!!!

Next we went to Belton House. House indeed!!! More of a castle I think…

As we were walking around the house and reading a pamphlet I realised that they had filmed some of BBC’s Pride and Prejudice here. The house immediately became much more exciting!!! It was Rosings Park the home of Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Check out the desk, it’s where Mr. Darcy wrote his famous first love letter to Lizzy…

After a light cream tea…

Ooooo but before we left I found a bush that was littered with ladybugs! I’d never seen anything like it.

From the parking lot at the hotel we walked through this amazing courtyard and into the reception of the hotel. It was breathtaking…



Check out the bathroom…


Seriously, old, old, old!!!!! Love it!

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