A Crafty Break-Saturday

John is amazing and has totally made up for abandoning me in Australia! The weather certainly held up this weekend and it was so wonderful. We saw so many amazing things that I’ll have to break it down by day…I did bring knitting for a Noro log cabin blanket by the way but it never made it out of the bag!
We drove about an hour north to a small town called Normanton and stayed at a hotel on the Rutland Water Reserve. We arrived at the hotel with our bikes…

And after settling in we went for a beautiful 26 km ride around the lake. It felt so good to be out biking again…


We over did it a bit on the bikes so relaxed until dinner by walking to the lake and an old church built on a walkout into the lake…

Everything is going into full bloom here, it’s just amazing. The daffodils are particularly wonderful.
I’m not sure how old this church is but everything here is old, old, old!

John likes to try his hand at artistic photos, or just catching me be happy!


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