Gnarled Oak

Yeah, John is home and he’s planned a weekend away! We are off about an hour north to the Stamford areas with our bikes and National Trust guide in hand. I’m taking a wee break from Gnarled Oak but I leave you with a sneak peak of the final product.

As you can see I haven’t worked any ends in yet and there is no button band in sight. I did do under the arms though. It says to graft but I did a 3 needle bind-off and honestly it looks totally fine. I think the back is the better view though…

The Oak Leaf pattern is really quite stunning but a few rows were hell on my hands with multiple decreases. Here’s a close up…

I will need to block the sleeves because my arms are really long. Actually, my arms are unusually long for my height and stature. Julie has oh so kindly named them “Gorilla Arms”. This is why I prefer top-down sweaters so I can get the arm length just perfect. It’s always a struggle no matter how hard I try and measure! This sweater is no exception, it actually looks fine but feels a bit short so I will definitely be stretching them out to ape size.

2 thoughts on “Gnarled Oak

  1. I just wanted to say that I adore your posts…and watching all of the things you are doing and seeing! I love the picturesque pictures of England and seeing all of your projects new and old carried through to completion. In case you are wondering if anyone reads this stuff…I DO! Horray! Glad you are having a wonderful experience in the UK 🙂 Miss you!

    Lisa Cook

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