Ooooo That Doesn’t Sound Good!

A phrase I said far too often over the last 2 days. I vowed to make new curtains for our bedroom. The whole room is beige and really made me feel sick. The curtains themselves even looked dirty. Who knows when they were last cleaned. You may remember I got some great fabric a few weeks ago now at IKEA. John was very excited about the possibility of seeing that material become curtains and I’m glad to say I have finished them before his return tomorrow.

I might have bit off a bit more than my sewing machine could sew through though, thus the grimace I had on my face while jumping as my needle got stuck in too many layers of fabric and saying “ah that doesn’t sound right!” It survived though and I learned a few things about working with layers of home decor fabric.

I made flap top curtains because those are the only I can do right now. I made these for her Ladyship. I was soooo stressed they wouldn’t turn out but I think they look quite grand.


I only used 2 fabrics for ours…

I like the idea of mixing fabrics for curtains. It reminds me of a big quilt.

Then I made the tabs for the top rail. I pressed the seams in and then sewed down one side but I think it would have made less bulky seams for later sewing if I had done them in a tube and pressed the seam to the back.


Go go little Ladybug… I made a new friend…


One side done and the ugly, pukey side up to compare…


These are going to be called my Nancy curtains because I realised after I’d bought the fabric that it’s the same as what my good friend Nancy used to make her stellar dining room chair covers.

I love the way the light comes through the white flowers a bit. I didn’t line them like I did Lady Fia’s. Not much light comes through at night anyways so hopefully it should be fine.

I think I’m ready to branch out to more complicated curtains. I also realised that I probably should have got lessons from my Aunt Nora before I left Canada because if I remember correctly she is a home decor sewing guru of sorts! Oh well there is always You Tube!

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