Treasure Box

I have been trying to continue organising my workroom while John is away. He’s in Orlando now so the time change is much easier to talk. I decided to go through my 2 huge knitting bins to see what’s what. There was quite a large stash there but I don’t have a problem with that. I say embrace the stash! Yarn is beautiful to look at and it makes knitters happy so who cares how much you have. If you are out at a store and you see yarn that really speaks to you just buy it I say! I figure I’ll eventually use it up. Actually, I think the best thing about going back and looking at yarn from years gone by is that you can plan something new to make with it. I on the other hand have a different problem with my stash. I realised I have a ton of projects that are about half way done and have sadly been abandoned. I took some pictures of some particularly heartbreaking part finished items. There were many many more but these are the ones I’m now inspired to finish.

I haven’t a clue when I started this feather and fan blanket but I still adore the colours and it’s an easy pattern to do in the car. (I prefer to knit rather than watch John drive too close to cars!) I’m using a fun sparkle Noro from a few years ago called Aurora.


This is a lovely gem that I started while I was in New Zealand about 10 years ago (omg could it be that long)! I remember I got the yarn at a local mill and wanted to do a very traditional Guernsey Sweater. Most Kiwis had a sweater like this at some point I think, especially in the South Island. I’ve done the back and just about done the front.


Now I’m living in the UK I feel the need to finish these next 2 beauties. First is a traditional Aran sweater with a twist. It’s done in Rowan Natural Silk Aran which is a dreamy yarn with a wonderful texture and flecks of colour. Unfortunately, only the sleeve started in this one as the tension swatch, oops.

The sweater is from the Rowan RYC collection of Books. It’s book 9 called Classic Beach. Here’s a close up of the pattern. I really must keep going on this because I think it’s gorgeous.


The next very English sweater I’m embarrassed to say was the 2nd sweater I started after meeting Julie at the Needle Emporium. I remember she had to order this yarn in. I think I was really into cables then because this is another doozy. I still like the sweater but it looks like it’s going to be huge. This was started before I really thought about how to best size a sweater for me. I might need to adjust the collar on this sweater, not sure if I like it anymore. Check out the title, Catherine Parr! I actually have the back done and just about the front.

It is from an Alice Starmore book called Tudor Roses. It is lovely but I think I’d have to modernise some of the patterns to suit my taste now.


I think that’s enough to keep me busy for now! What do you think I should work on first?

Oh and some might be wondering how my adventures in crochet are coming, they aren’t! Take a look at this sad excuse for the start of a Granny Square, Julie help!!! I might get John’s mom to help as she’s in the UK. I think I’m a hands on learner. I find it hard to read directions. I guess I could always check out You Tube as well but maybe I’m lazy, I’d rather have someone just show me.

Very sad display, eh!

On a happier note, on row 6 of Gnarled Oak yoke pattern. It’s funny because I raced through the sweater just to get to the fun pattern bit and it’s almost over. It better look good on! Mom says that Julie has her’s hanging in the store and it looks lovely.

There was a small snag after I joined the arms. I misread the pattern and did a decrease row. Not a terrible tragedy though because I only had to unpick 1 row. Note: if you are doing the smallest 2 sizes after the join you go right to “All Sizes”.

4 thoughts on “Treasure Box

  1. Finish the Kiwi sweater. And work on the blanket as mindless car etc knitting. As for the Starmore I would modernize. Or re-purpose the wool. By the way I knit the cover Starmore from Julie’s store years back. See it on my Ravelry.
    Cheers Cheryl

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