Take from the rich and give to the poor

I’ve always loved the story of Robin Hood. I love all of the T.V. and movie versions and on this past weekend I got to meet the real thing…

That’s my nephew Lachlan who is going to Nottingham University and yes that’s a statue of Robin Hood outside of Nottingham castle. Sooooo touristy but I love it!!!!! We had a nice visit and ate lunch at this neat restaurant with some very appropriate for me decorating.

I thought it was such a great idea to stack these bolts of material to decorate a wall.

It was also St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday and for some reason I thought it was only the crazy Americans that went all out for the day but the town centre was rocking with a band and a variety of interesting green outfits!


There was also a really neat building in the centre shopping area that I thought worth sharing.


After the craziness of the square we wandered into a lovely quiet neighbourhood seconds away (or as I like to say now, an area I have lived in a previous life). Look at my house and cute front door!


To top the area off check out this oh so English view…


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