To crochet or not to crochet that is the question!

This is an age old question for me really. I learned to knit when I was very little, thanks mom (or mum as I should now!), but never learned to crochet. Over the years working at Julie’s store there are always people that prefer one over the other or if they crochet just think knitting is soooo much harder. I could never understand this because I find knitting very relaxing and straight forward. Crochet on the other hand is my nemesis, I just can’t seem to hold the hook comfortably. Julie always gets scarred and laughs when I say that I have seen something neat and want to crochet. My efforts usually end in tears of frustration and in me sweet talking Julie or maybe more like forcing her to crochet edges around knitting for me. But not all hope is lost I believe. I keep wanting to do a cool Granny Square blanket. I just really don’t want it to look horrible and colourful like I just used up all leftover bits of yarn. (Yes I know that this was probably the point of the Granny Square blanket but I just can’t do it!) I have always loved the crochet blanket that Tanis at Tanis Fibre Arts has done. Its very fine and delicate and the colours are modern and lovely. Check out her Snow Afghan here. I also really love the Church Mouse crochet pattern for a huge Granny Square blanket done with Noro’s Silk Garden.


Why oh why do you ask am I caring about crochet right now, well when I signed up for a 6 mth membership to the Mollie Makes magazine I got a free copy of a Granny Square crochet book. I thought it’s fate, maybe I should finally try to conquer my fear and slight aversion to crocheting (some crocheting looks nice but I usually find knitting more attractive).

I have a lot of colours of Cascade 220 left over from various felting projects so I might just try it out tonight. I’ll keep you posted!

Update on Gnarled Oaks second sleeve…

If you look closely you can see the line where the strands are being carried up the inside but it’s fairly invisible and once it’s done you won’t really notice too much.

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