On The Hunt…

…for a new pillow. There’s a really nice department store here called John Lewis and I thought I would find one today because I’ve been looking for a good new pillow. I found a John Lewis in a neighbouring town called Welwyn Garden City, about 15 min away. It was a lovely town actually, bigger than Harpenden but still quaint and more shopping. So, John Lewis was nice and they even had a Haberdashery section. Check out this mini sewing machine! It’s toooooo cute and the smallest version is only £49 on sale.


I also found a good section of Amy Butler patterns and given my recent discovery of cute oil cloth fabric on mass here I finally got the 2 raincoat patterns.


I also found this cute Gumdrop Pillow pattern. I like the Honey Bun Poofs but these are very cute too.

I have no idea when I’ll make them or with what fabric but I’ll figure something out. Stay tuned for that!

Oh ya and I did get 2 nice pillows too, lol!

So, I digress from crafting to update about food in the UK. On the whole I can’t complain BUT what I wouldn’t give for decent pickles. They are all sweet sandwich gherkins, yuk. I did find these today though that at least taste more sour.


And look at these ridiculous sized bags of chocolate chips. Together these are not even 2 cups. Sure ain’t the family sized bag from Costco! They were impossible to find in New Zealand too so I shouldn’t be surprised but still…


And…I haven’t figured out the flour yet. The first bag I bought was too fine for an “All Purpose”. I did find this bag today though. Look, special Canadian flour, who knew!!!


Anyways, I’m not complaining its just different. I’ll figure it out though I like to think I have baking genes. Of course not quite as good as mom or Grammie (I don’t think I could ever make Oatmeal raisins cookies as well!) but I’m trying. I’m going to try Victorian Sponges next as I got a new British Baking cookbook from the Great British Bake Off Show.


3 thoughts on “On The Hunt…

  1. Love the Amy Butler Gum Drop pillows. If you are back in John Lewis can you pick me up the pattern??? Thanks!!! See you soon. Looking forward to the visit.

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