Finish Up Little Red

I have been trying to finish a few things up. This has been made easier by the fact that I figured out how to watch US and Canadian shows from our Mac. Not that T.V. is that important but I do love being able to watch the latest episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Wife. It’s Lady Fia’s 2nd birthday on Monday. I wish I could be there to celebrate with her but at least I finished her sweater!

I hope it fits, she’s a tall girl. I didn’t like how the ruffle flapped over the buttons so I tacked the ruffles down in 3 places. This made it a lot better and will hopefully still fit her in the fall.

I also finished 1 sleeve on Gnarled Oak. I don’t really like how I carried the 2 yarns up the side. As it is hand dyed yarn it’s a good idea to work 2 balls at once but that makes it tricky when working in the round. I’m usually ok at it but I think I took my eye off the ball for a bit and some of the stitches look a little loose. I’ll notice but hopefully not others! I’m being more careful on the second sleeve. I’m also not particularly happy with how wide the sleeve is at the top. It doesn’t seem like a very modern fit. I might have to go back and readjust this but we’ll see because it will change the upper yoke size as well, plus do I really want to rip it out and start over….hmmmm probably not!


Oooooo and I got the fire going in the workroom! Cozy eh!


Now that I’m living in the UK I really feel like I need to finish these next 2 beauties. This is an absolutely gorgeous Aran sweater from Rowan in Natural Silk Aran. I still absolutely love this yarn. It will have such a lovely texture and drape to it. I’ve only started the sleeve on this to check the tension, oops!


One thought on “Finish Up Little Red

  1. Lady Fia’s sweater is very, very cute!!

    If you are going to play around with the sleeve stitches on Gnarled Oak, send me an email so we can talk about it. You will do a couple of inches of decrease before the chart and maybe we can fudge them.

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