I may have a problem…

Yesterday was my first day without John.  He’s on the beach in Australia and sent me some lovely pictures which I will not share because it’s too cruel really.  I on the other hand was not on miles of white sandy beach lathered in suncream, I went to St. Albans to look for a new pillow.  Well….I didn’t exactly find a new pillow but I did get a better look at the shops.  I wasn’t going to buy anything…

But how cute is this retro looking knitting bag that is RED.  I found this in the Cath Kidson store.  I had to liberate it!  There was also this very cute sewing box which I’d like too but held back, you can’t have everything you want right… (Keep quiet mom!)

I couldn’t wait to get home and try my new bag…

It’s even cute on the inside…

It could be a smidge larger for my taste but it does seem to hold all of Gnarled Oak so far. Overall a great find for Go Go Little Red, yeah!

Speaking of Gnarled Oak, started the first sleeve last night.

11 thoughts on “I may have a problem…

  1. Sara……. You have my permission to go back and get the sewing basket, it is tooooooo awesome not to be in your red collection. Love your posts.

  2. So wonderful to read your posts. What a fine adventure and thanks for letting us in on the fun. I click your link on Julie’s blog, which is also a daily ritual for me.

  3. your not knitting the sleeve with circular needles ? So fun to read your post everyweek 🙂
    Started my first project knitting with four needles, oh the stress!!!!

    Have fun with your very stylish new toy 😀

    • LOL, you’ll get the hang of it. I’ve increased more stitches now so I think I’ll move to a little circular. They hurt my hands to use if they are too small though so we’ll see how it goes.

  4. I’m not keeping tract of the items that are on “The Mom Treat List.” Hope you are or you won’t be getting anything! Ha! Ha!

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