Weekend Trip to London

We were invited to John’s friend’s house in Hammersmith on Saturday night and we took the opportunity to take the train.  It was fast and easy, Harpenden to St. Pancras in 29 min.  We were going to try and see a photo exhibit of the Queen at the Victoria and Albert museum but we got a late start to the day and so we focused on finding a yarn shop I was interested to see instead, John is so sweet!  We walked from the station about 15 min to the Islington area where we discovered Camden Passage which was filled with loads of neat little antique shops and stalls.  (Can’t wait to take mom.)  We had a hard time finding the little shop but we finally got the GPS on the phone working.

Outside Loop.

After just squeezing through the very narrow door to get into the shop with our overnight case John was sweet to hold everything while I looked around.

I'm looking at a knitting book produced by the Loop store I believe. It was cute and I liked the baby dress in it but it had mostly shawls and scarves which I don't often make.

They did have some very nice lace weight yarn and the store had a cozy, lovely feel.  Of course nothing compared to the Needle Emporium!  I think I’m hooked on Danish designers because I got this gorgeous children’s book.

"Labour of Love" by Vibe Ulrik Sondergaard. Loop had the round neck sweater called Matilda done up and it looked fantastic!

They had some outstanding buttons too and I picked up three sets that I think will work for Gnarled Oak.  I couldn’t decide which to use so I’ll decide when it’s done.  (Almost at the arm holes I think!)

This is a card from the store too, very cutesy. I would definitely go back, especially because it's in a vibrant area.

I also got a new copy of Mollie Makes.  It’s a crafting magazine that’s really neat to read, even more so now that I’m in England and can visit a lot of the stores and places they write about.  It came with a kit to make a Babushka keyring which I’m going to use for my new bike lock.

Mom got me into this inspirational magazine that's cheaper here than in Canada.

Being in London for the the day was very exciting and I look forward to going back very soon.  We like looking at the ads on the wall when we are in the tube stations.  I just had to post this one…

Yeah the Hunger Games, can't wait!

On our was back home we had time to look at a few shops at St. Pancras.  I found the Cath Kidson store.  I’m not an overly flowery person but I do enjoy her oilcloth bags and such.  It all seems very Englishy.

Didn't buy anything this time.

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