Yeah New Phone

John’s parents came to visit this afternoon and brought my new phone.


Check out the cool Gelaskin. It’s measuring tapes, very appropriate I thought!

I’m posting from the phone which is cool too. It does take longer though so I will post tomorrow with an update of the weekend. We went to London and discovered a yarn store to write about.

Before I sign off though here is how Gnarled Oak is coming along.


2 thoughts on “Yeah New Phone

  1. Hi Sarah,
    You’re not going to believe this but, I ran into your mom at Greenwood Quiltery. I bought a pattern to sew for Lucia’s birthday and your mom looked at it and said you already have completed that pattern. It is the Honey Bun Poufs.
    Send me your address so I can send the occasional letter.
    Enjoying your blog and your place looks awesome. The fabric and knitting store look very interesting. I love the sweater patterns you have posted.
    Take care.
    Keep in touch.

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