Warming Up

Another busy day getting sorted.  I took our road bikes to get put back together which is exciting because it is warm enough to ride here.  Yet, still chilly in the house but on the bright side I’m getting use out of some of my older, chunky sweaters.

I think this is the second sweater I knit after mom discovered the Needle Emporium in Ancaster. It's a classic Noro out of Iro I believe. Cozy!

I used to knit more worsted to chunky weight sweaters but these days I’m more of a fan of fingering to DK weight.  They take longer to knit but I think are more wearable in the long run.  It seems the trend to knit lighter weight things anyways.  When I was in Copenhagen I came across the designer Lene Holme Samsoe.  I have ordered one of her books from Amazon and am waiting for it to come (which shouldn’t take long because the mail/post here is incredibly efficient).  It is not the one I saw in Copenhagen because I think it was new and still only in Danish but I thought I would give this one a go because I liked the look of the sweater on the cover.  There were way too many cute patterns in the stores in Copenhagen but they were in ENGLISH!  It makes you feel a bit inferior when you are in a country where most people learn 3 languages from birth and most Canadians can’t even learn a little french!

It appears she also has a part 2 of this book coming out in June.

Along with my bulky sweaters I am also staying warm with the new crackle fire logs I managed to find today at Asda (owned by Walmart).

Pretty looking fireplace eh!

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