Delivery-a-go go!

WordPress lost this whole post when I tried to publish it so what lays beneath may be shorter than it was originally!

We’ve had a load of deliveries in the last two days, some exciting, some just needed and some both.  First was Virgin Media, yeah!  I can post at home.  We have set up the new Mac Mini which is too cool for words.  No more cable for us folk, we’ll never go back.  We have everything running through the computer on the T.V. screen.  It is also very cool because it will all sync with our ipad and iphones.  It really is neat.  While Virgin was here guess what arrived…

My Duth bike, isn't it cute.

The bike arrived mostly assembled.  I just had to put together the handle bars, tires and pedals.  I went for a ride today and it was super fun.  Although, the whole time I was out I couldn’t help but hum the Wicked Witch of the West theme from The Wizard of Oz…dun dun dun dun da da.  I can’t wait to get a wicker basket and panniers.  I found cool ones from a store in Amsterdam called Kitsch Kitchen.  The apple one is super cute.  As you may have gathered I love the colour RED.  I find it such a happy colour and have MANY red accessories.  I can’t help but buy things that are cute and red.

This next delivery sure wasn’t cute and red but hopefully it gets the job done. (Who are we kidding, John will use this most!)

Keep your fingers crossed this weird condenser dryer works. I have to empty the water tank each load I think.

The most important delivery arrived this morning…

I hope this transformer works or my machines might blow up!

That’s right the sewing can commence.  Hmmmm what to do first.  I just made gorgeous curtains for Lady Fia so maybe I’ll do some to replace the manky ones in our bedroom.

Gnarled Oak is “growing” as Julie would say.

I’ve knit even more today because I’ve been sucked into season 2 of Nurse Jackie.  I would also be knitting faster but even though it’s sunny out it is cold in here.  I’d start a fire (did I mention we have lovely, original fireplaces that work) but we are out of firestarters, kindling and low on coal.  Yes I did actually say coal!  I guess I won’t mind now if Santa brings me a lump or two!

Oh and we’ve talked to someone about getting my National Insurance Number to work.  (Oh yes, I am a teacher and will eventually miss the little peanuts!)

2 thoughts on “Delivery-a-go go!

  1. Glad to see you have a sewing machine again. I have the same one!!

    Gnarled Oak needs to grow faster. You have less than 2 months to the deadline. I’m on sleeve 2. Lynn is on the first sleeve.

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