Finally the Crafty Stores!

The last two days has been lovely in Copenhagen but I must admit I’m looking forward to going back to Harpenden tomorrow. Yesterday I tried to find a few of the yarn stores that I found online. I was surprised to find 3 stores in close proximity. The first 2 were small and nice but nothing like the Needle Emporium! I’ve been to many yarn stores around the world and I still maintain that the Needle Emporium in Ancaster has the best selection. The third store I went into was Sommerfuglen. It was larger and had some beautiful samples. They had a lot of Rowan yarns but also many other Danish designers. I almost cried when it sunk in that all the patterns were in Danish of course! Although, I did get lucky and find a few English patterns. I was also able to write down the names of some of the designers to check out on Ravelry or online.

This is Sommerfuglen. They also sold some fabric and needlepoint. I also picked up some cute buttons for Lady Fia’s new sweaters.

This another store I passed. It was nice to see the baskets of yarn on the cobbled streets.

I got two books by Amimono. There is a cute sweater I’d like to do for Lady Fia. Check out the cute buttons too!

I broke down and bought the yarn for this lovely tunic.  I can’t believe I strayed from the Needle Emporium for my yarn but I hope Julie will understand that I was in Copenhagen after all!

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