Copenhagen: Cold but Cool!

O.k. so who moves to a new house in a new country and then the next day packs a suitcase for a 4 day getaway.  Well, I couldn’t exactly turn John down when he asked if I wanted to go to Copenhagen for the weekend.  He is doing a course tomorrow and Tuesday so I will have a good time looking around on my own.  I plan to check out 4 different yarn shops that I read about online.  Today we met a colleague of John’s from work for brunch by one of the canals in the oldest part of town.  On Saturday we were up early and went to the Danish Design Centre.  They were having a special exhibition on Danish fashion over the past 10 years.  The bottom floor was the most interesting though because it displayed Danish innovative design, of course LEGO was there.  I learned that LEGO is short for two Danish words put together that mean “play well”.

Look Mom I got a Copenhagen material map.

I'm on the hunt for red things at the Danish Design Museum. Look Mom I got a Copenhagen material map. (I also have Toronto and London ones from which I would like to make pillows.)

Go Go Little Red…look I found my new car. I don’t know where John will sit?

We spent the day walking down these lovely side streets.


A huge Lego store. I almost got a red Lego alarm clock.


We found this amazing glassed in market. I think of mom when I look at all these fresh flowers.


Dad would love the food here. Yummy boards of mixed meats, cheese and olives, all served with a nice glass of red wine.


What could be better on a cold day. Hmmm I haven't seen that hat in too many pictures, very cute, if I do say so myself (Thanks John).

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